Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund: Regine Petersen Exhibition at Foam 3h

by Unseen April 13 2015

On the first day of Unseen 2014 Regine Petersen (b. 1976, Germany) was awarded the Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund, entailing a solo exhibition at Foam 3h in the first half of 2015.

Using a variety of mediums and completed over a number of years, her seriesFind A Fallen Star is a multi-layered exploration of how the past is bridged with the present. In the progress of three chapters each focused on a different story about falling meteorites—a woman being struck through the roof in her Alabama-home, a bunch of children in a rural village of post-War Germany and recent stirring events in India—Petersen questions how we are to understand these connected events as part of a bigger picture.

Furthermore, by mixing fiction with reality in the same way mediums are being mixed, the viewer is invited to think critically about the overlapping of science and art. According to Petersen: “I want to respond to what I see and also acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as an objective historical account of an event or an accurate portrayal of a person. The gaps in the story are a gesture towards that complexity.” It is precisely for this complex and critical approach to concept, narrative and aesthetic that this series was chosen for the Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund of 2014.

Kanwarpura, from the series The Indian Iron, 2014 © Regine Petersen/East Wing